The Children’s Center (Newborn through 3 years)

The Children’s Center

Early Intervention Services
For children ages newborn through 3 years

  A Beacon of Help and Hope...

Partners for Life

If your child should be crawling, walking or talking, but isn’t, call for more information about resources and services.
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Family-Centered Programming

Established by NJID in 1969 as one of the nation's first early intervention programs, The Children's Center has helped thousands of children with developmental disabilities and delays lead more productive and successful lives.

The value of early intervention services administered to infants and young children has long been recognized as vital in enabling maximum potential to be achieved.  Intensive clinical and educational services provided early to young children with special needs have been shown to improve developmental outcomes and reduce the dependency on future services as children mature.

Caregivers who participate in The Children's Center experience lessened anxiety about the care and management of their young children.  Through family training, supports, practical advice and counseling, the challenges of caring for a child with special needs are addressed and overcome.

Compassionate Care

The Early Intervention Team includes:
  • Special Education Teachers, Nurses, Therapists, and Social Workers
  • Translators and Interpreters
  • Professionals Highly Trained and Experienced

Early Intervention Services

Effective and individualized supports through:
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech/Language Therapy
  • Early Special Education
  • Family Training and Social Work Supports
  • Medical and Nursing Supports

Family Focused Supports

  • Parent Support Groups
  • Sibling Play Groups
  • Inclusive Play Opportunities in Community Based Settings 
  • Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) Development 
  • Transition Planning 
  • Resources for Self-Advocacy 
  • Parent to Parent Connections

Supplemental Resources

Certifications and Licensing

  • NJ Department of Health Approved
  • All Teachers State Certified
  • All Therapy and Nursing Staff State Licensed

Services Today...
     for a Brighter Tomorrow

The Children's Center provides...

  • Services in the child’s home and natural environments such as day care centers
  • Medical screening, nursing supports, developmental therapies and special education programming
  • Parent support sessions and sibling play groups
  • Transition planning to help assure that children continue to receive optimal educational and therapeutic services upon discharge when the child reaches age three.
  • To learn about the referral process for services and for answers to any program questions, please call (732) 548-3356.
The Children’s Center Serves Children and Families Living in Middlesex County
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