Board of Directors

Board of Directors

George D’Annunzio, D.C. – Chair 
Sal Cirri – First Vice Chair 
Michele Sandrik – Second Vice Chair
Anthony Pirretti – Treasurer 
Joseph Chonka – Secretary 
Chester Brewer *
Charles Cafaro
Ethel Dean
Cecil Graham
Jack Lenihan *
Bruce Kovacs*
Lissette Martinez
James McNeil
Carrie McGovern
James Medley
David J. Samuel *
Randi Sathan **
Hiren Shah
Barbara Sousa
Enid Torok *
Janet Tracy
Malcolm Wernik

* Life Member
** Auxiliary

Dominic M. Ursino, MA – President
Robert J. Ferrara – Executive Director
Bipinchandra Patel, M.D. FAAP – Medical Director
Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer - General Counsel
George D’Annunzio, D.C.
Dr. George D’Annunzio
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