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Student-Centered Programming

Choosing a school for a child with developmental challenges is an important decision. There are many factors which influence this choice. After serious evaluation and review, many families find that the Lakeview School is the best resource for their children. Located within picturesque Roosevelt Park in Edison, NJ, the Lakeview School has earned a national reputation of excellence and distinction regarding the comprehensive array of services provided to enrolled children with multiple disabilities.  Using a transdisciplinary approach, all students have their own team of professionals and paraprofessionals working together to enable students to achieve their highest level of self sufficiency and personal success.

The Lakeview School program is dynamic with leading-edge innovations in special education and enhancements. On-site medical clinics include the services of a developmental pediatrician, a pediatric neurologist and a pediatric physiatrist.  A pediatric dentist along with a nutritionist, behaviorist and the Enabling Technology Center offer an incomparable array of services dedicated to the well being of every child.

Academics & Prevocational Skills

  • Individualized Special Education Programs
  • NJ Student Learning Standards
  • Full Day Preschool
  • Career Awareness Program (CAP)
  • Structured Learning Experiences (SLE)
  • Less than 3:1 Student to Staff Ratio


  • Occupational, Physical & Speech Therapy  
  • Medical Oversight & Professional Nursing  
  • On Site Medical Clinics 
  • Staff with Advanced Certifications  
  • Orthotics and Splinting Clinics  
  • Dental Clinic  
  • Feeding Evaluations  
  • Nutrition Clinics
  • Board Certified Behavioral Services

Enabling Technology

Supports and Enrichment Activities

  • Social Services and Transition Planning
  • Adaptive Physical Education
  • Field Trips
  • Music, Drama and Art Programs
  • Transportation for School Related Activities
  • Cultural Education Programs
  • Multi Media Resource Suite

Accreditations and Certifications

  • NJ Department of Education Approved
  • All Teachers State Certified and “Highly Qualified”  
  • All Therapy Staff State Licensed and Certified
  • Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

Extended School Year

The Lakeview School offers a six week extended school year program from July through mid-August of each year.  Placement in the extended program is determined by the needs of the student and must be made a part of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Admissions & Eligibility

The Lakeview School partners with school districts to provide the highest quality programming to meet the needs of each enrolled child.  Once a child is approved for placement at Lakeview School by the sending district, there are no fees or out of-pocket expenses to the student's family for services provided during the regular school day as specified in the student's IEP.  All costs for the services offered by Lakeview School, including transportation are paid by the student's local Board of Education.

For more information about admission, eligibility and a tour, please call the Lakeview School Intake Office at (732) 549-5580.

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Student-Centered Programming Provides:

  • Academics, pre-vocational and daily living skills programs
  • Enabling technology assessments for adaptive seating systems and augmentative communication devices

  • Medical, nursing and therapeutic services with the most extensive clinical staff of any school in New Jersey

  • Curriculum enrichments including integrated arts and adaptive music
  • Community based instruction
  • COMING SOON – Aquatic Therapy Center at the Lakeview School

Parents Association

The Lakeview School Parents Association is a dynamic group of parents, grandparents and caregivers who host a variety of family fun and fundraising events.  Social activities include seasonal themed events and casual family recreation which are always complimentary to Lakeview families.  The parents of Lakeview’s students are important stakeholders who are committed to the continued success of Lakeview School.

Mission Statement
The Lakeview School provides to its students a comprehensive learning environment that encourages individual success through developmentally appropriate instruction that accommodates individual differences and learning styles.

To this end, the Lakeview School offers to its students a positive and respectful learning environment supported by an array of exceptional services designed to empower each student to achieve maximum potential.

Lakeview School also encourages the family and the community to engage in the educational process so as to further enhance learning and developmental achievement.

The Lakeview School Serves Children from Throughout New Jersey
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