Notice something different? - 07/19/2016

Welcome to the new and improved NJID website!  Browsing through the pages you will come to better know NJID which has set the standard of care for children and adults with disabilities.

The website has a fresh look, an original logo, complimentary colors and the tag line: "Partners for Life" which describes the supportive and compassionate commitment that NJID holds for its stakeholders.  This new site effectively highlights the broad scope of NJID's services which is so important to individuals and families seeking information and services.  The new website also has been optimized and is now a mobile-friendly site which permits browsing NJID from any electronic device.

Easy to Navigate

You will find comprehensive sections for all of NJID's programs dedicated to both Children and Adults.  Programs are explained in great detail and will be regularly updated so that readers can review the most current information.

Be sure to check out the Get Involved section to learn how to participate as a volunteer in NJID and its great work.  With service sites throughout NJ, there is a great variety of volunteer opportunities available.

NJID appreciates the financial support of family, friends and the community.  There are many ways, traditional and non-traditional, to support the NJID mission and that is all explained when you click on Donate.  Linked to PayPal, the Donate button makes it easy to support NJID.

The Careers section is linked to the very latest NJID employment opportunities.  An application can be completed online and submitted directly to NJID's Human Resources Department.

In addition to press releases, the News section will include stories and photos of events that are happening at NJID.  The latest information on program expansions, new facilities and community programs will be profiled.  Be sure to stay connected with all the latest Events.  You will find details about NJID's coming events and community happenings which support the NJID mission of service.

We Want to Hear From You!

Please take some time to explore the NJID site and share your experience.  You can use the Contact Us form to send your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.  Your input will be appreciated.

Partners for Life

Serving more than 1,500 infants, children and adults with developmental 
and related disabilities.
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