A Message from the President

A Message from the President

Founded in hope, inspired by compassion and expanded by design...these distinctive characteristics well define the pathways taken by the New Jersey Institute for Disabilities (NJID).  Progressive vision, strategic planning and dedication have brought NJID through a time of transformative growth.  Greater opportunities for service within NJID have been created while new and improved facilities have enhanced the delivery of both existing and expanded services.

Today's exciting yet challenging times are presenting many emerging developments associated with the care of children with disabilities.  Sweeping medical advances are favorably impacting survival rates for babies born with complex medical conditions and profound disabilities.  Special education programs have become more sophisticated as technology is now mainstreamed in every instructional setting.  Highly skilled medical and clinical services empower children with functional needs.

Public policies continue to be revised assuring that children with disabilities are afforded exceptional opportunities for schooling, life and success.  NJID has not only kept pace with these changes but has assumed a leadership role in their creation and delivery throughout the State of New Jersey.

The choices for adults with disabilities mirror choices available to all individuals.  Through person-centered service models, NJID affords everyone the dignity and respect which they so rightfully deserve.  NJID's comprehensive programs help adults with disabilities achieve fulfillment and individual success within the fabric of their local communities where they live and work.

So it is that the New Jersey Institute for Disabilities which had an abandoned garage as its first home 67 years ago has grown, transformed and revolutionized the delivery of specialized care for infants, children and adults with disabilities throughout the State of New Jersey.  To the stakeholders of NJID a pledge is made to continue NJID's efficient stewardship of resources and steadfast leadership so as to advance the development of relevant solutions and supports for consumers.  NJID remains uniquely positioned in a place where excellence is a tradition and where the future is filled with hope and promise.

Dominic M. Ursino
Dominic M. Ursino, MA

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