Assisting Children & Teens with Disabilities & Their Families
Bi-lingual (Spanish/English)

Partners for Life

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Alianza is here… for you and your family!

For more than five years, Alianza has been a part of the community serving children and teens with disabilities and their families. Originally funded as a Federal Project of National Significance, Alianza has helped thousands of families find help and hope in overcoming challenges which extend beyond disabilities. 

Alianza focuses on providing families with the resources needed to support academic achievement, healthy lifestyles and self-advocacy. A culturally-competent program, the Alianza staff is bi-lingual and sensitive to the needs of the families which are served. 

My Child Has Disabilities and…

  • wants to find a job
  • has no motivation
  • is failing in school and I am afraid he will drop out
  • is being bullied
  • wants to go to college
  • may be involved in drugs
  • has low self-esteem
  • needs some direction

I don’t know where to turn for help…
Alianza is here… for you and your family!

Available Services Include

  • Support for Academic Achievement and Education  
  • Self-advocacy Instruction
  • Financial Literacy Training
  • Healthy Living Choices
  • Self-esteem Improvement
  • Wise Owls Homework Club
  • And more…

Effective & Non-Traditional

  • Practical supports are offered for academic success, healthy lifestyles and family development.
  • This innovative, non-traditional approach assists teens with disabilities and their families from Perth Amboy and beyond.
  •  The Alianza Staff is bi-lingual (Spanish/English) and culturally competent offering a comprehensive system of supports in a one stop setting.
  • The Alianza program is provided without cost to children and families.

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